Headin’ to The Bahamas & then NC & SC!!!

Hey Gang -

1st off thanks to everyone who came out this past weekend in Columbia, SC & Atlanta/Decatur, GA the shows were incredible! Packed houses & nothin’ but love… so even more love to everyone that came out & spent their hard earned money on a ticket to come see me & the fellas!  I am honored & can’t wait to see ya all again!

Now… tomorrow morning I am off to the inaugural “PD and Firefly Songwriters Festival” down in Hope Town, Abaco, The Bahamas… I still can’t believed my friends at The Firefly Sunset Resort let me put together and host a songwriters festival at their amazing resort, but hey I will take it!! Gonna be a wonderful event & if you don’t get to make it this year well… there is always next year. :)  Check out www.PDandFIREFLY.com for all the details on what is happening this coming weekend and what you can look forward to at next year’s event!

Ok… off to bed, but before I do… remember I am in Charlotte, NC on Friday, March 8th & then Charleston on March 9th!!  Check out The SHOWS Page for all the details!

Much Love


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